Gold The New World Currency

We have to understand that any government does not have control in the market… And remember every time any market crashes like it did in 2008, someone is becoming a millionaire… Take these following historical currency collapses: nothing happened, but millions of people in just a couple of hours, saw their savings disappear.

Mexico 1994: the Mexican peso was devaluated without any forewarning to the public. Also that country suffered the same currency collapse in 1982, same as Chile in the early 1980s, and Finland in 1992. The difference between Mexico’s and Chile’s currency collapse, however, is that Chile used their collapse for their benefit.

1991 Finland: Their government made the surprising decision to change the Finnish markka to Euros, without a prior devaluation… So it doesn’t matter if the actual currencies are in good standard, if a new financial system comes into place the population will suffer. The governments are just trying to fight inflation… Over time in any country the situation becomes unsustainable, but that does not translate into an immediate crisis (like 2008) or a need to take action instantly. On the contrary, it diffuses enough for policy makers to entertain the belief that the strategy “can work”… But what happens with your financial situation when the majority of the population just has debts and liabilities?

Eventually when the big currency collapses, the only asset that you can exchange for the new currency will be gold, so don’t pay attention if gold is going up in price or going down, that information is for the high roller investors. You need to protect your actual FIAT money with a superior currency.

I personally provide global business strategies for small businesses, creating a new customer accusation system, increasing loyalty borrower and cash flow.

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The New K-Exchange System

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