The Good Investor

“If the individual is uneducated, anything he or she invests in will be risky. They may get lucky now and then, but in the long run, they end up giving most of the money they make back to the market. I’ve seen an uneducated investor take a great real estate investment and turn it into a run-down foreclosure. I’ve seen an uneducated investor acquire a profitable well-run business and bankrupt it.

I’ve also seen a professional investor take over an investment that a bad investor has ruined and make it a good investment again.The point I am making is that a smart investor focuses on becoming a smarter investor. So it’s not the investment that is risky—it’s the investor.”

Robert Kiyosaki

What Robert was saying was that the first step to evaluating your options was to first focus on being a better “me”. The average investor focuses only on making money. Don’t focus on the money, focus on learning to be a better investor.

Patrick Iturra
Patrick Iturra Business Analyst

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