My team will work for you and take care of you. Because your Network is your Net Worth

On Real Estate Investments, most companies offer either strategic solutions or management solutions, some offer just real estate sales. As a Real Estate Business & Investment Advisor, I offer a one-stop shop for all of your consulting needs, from RE Investments, strategic and management solutions. 

I can build your RE Investment Portfolio, Private Line of credit, Contractors and most importantly, I can provide you a full Investment analysis before you give any money up front. 


2011 – Present: As Business Adviser, part of an International business platform group that provides tangible assets, providing business strategy and passive income for small business and entrepreneurs, this strategic driver will grow your network and net worth

 2008-2012: I was part of an Investment Group, as Director in Real Estate investment advisory. I offered investment products and business strategies, primarily through private investment funds, across all major asset classes to a diverse group of institutions and individuals in the US.

1997-2008: A business owner in the Real Estate Mortgage industry, as a Broker President & CEO for 10 years; my organization was successful reaching a bank correspondence with the privilege to have a mortgage credit line to lend money to home owners.

Advisers Board Meeting, Stuttgart-Germany

Having 20 years experience in the financial market and as a business owner in the USA. Now I have the experience to sourcing  extraordinary business partners, corporate advisors, experienced professional team and contractors available for  guiding you to be successful in your business.

I personally, speak Spanish fluently. If you are interested in introducing a systematized assets and financial business; contact me Here, I can personally speak with you, and my business organization can provide all you need.

Through my business experience, I personally recognize that forming a Passive Income is the most reliable business strategy and vehicle for any good employee or entrepreneur to undertake.

Patrick Iturra
American entrepreneur, Business & Real Estate Investment Adviser

“Remember, to be successful, you need to work with successful people”

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  1. Hello Patrick I stumbled onto your site this morning. It is very impressive. I’m new to Karatbars and hoping to grow in my area of the U.S. I would appreciate your wisdom and any advice you care to offer.

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