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Most consulting agents and companies offer either strategic solutions or management solutions. I can provide a one-stop shop for all your strategic and management consulting needs. 






2011 – Present: As Business Consultan, part of an International business platform group that provides tangible assets, providing business strategy and passive income for small business and entrepreneurs.

2008-2012: I was part of an Investment Group, as Director in Real Estate investment advisory. I offered investment products and business strategies, primarily through private investment funds, across all major asset classes to a diverse group of institutions and individuals in the US.

1997-2008: A business owner in the mortgage industry, as President & CEO for 10 years; my organization was successful reaching a bank correspondence with the privilege to have a mortgage credit line to lend money to home owners.


Advisers Board Meeting, Stuttgart-Germany

Having 20 years experience in the financial market and as a business owner in the USA. I also have extraordinary business partners, corporate advisors, and experienced professional team of consultants available for you guiding you to be successful in your business.

I personally, speak Spanish fluently. If you are interested in introducing a systematized business; contact me Here, I can personally speak with you, and my business organization can provide all you need.

“Remember, to be successful, you need to work with successful people”

Through my business experience, I personally recognize that forming a Passive Income is the most reliable business strategy and vehicle for any good employee or entrepreneur to undertake.

Patrick Iturra
American entrepreneur, business consultant and Real Estate investor.

5 responses to “About Us

  1. Hello Patrick I stumbled onto your site this morning. It is very impressive. I’m new to Karatbars and hoping to grow in my area of the U.S. I would appreciate your wisdom and any advice you care to offer.

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