Gold Banking Opportunity

Gold Standard’s vision and mission is to establish the KARATCOIN BANK WORLD ecosystem catering the needs of a fully blockchain-based and cryptocurrency-oriented banking & finance system

▪ The first blockchain-based payment system centered around real assets

▪ Owns Karatbit Exchange, its own cryptocurrency exchange

▪ Develops efficient improvements for our gold mine

▪ Develops our blockchain-based KaratBank Business

▪ Price of gold (CashGold) is lower compared to our competitors

▪ Transaction fees are lower compared to our competitors

▪ Annual fees for bank accounts and credit cards is lower compared to our competitors

▪ $100 Million base capital with KaratCoin Bank

▪ Assets worth $2 Billion will be audited by a designated external auditing soon.

Business Opportunity

We have the first gold-backed cryptocurrency and a complete ecosystem banking. This platform allows merchants to receive the 5 best cryptocurrencies and instantly exchange them to their local currencies. This can be done on the merchant’s own business bank account. They can also acquire cashgold on our platform to counteract the inflation of their fiat currencies.  

When they sell their products and services, you earn commissions of all sales without cost to the business owner or the customer.  It is the new payment system and a new opportunity for you.  You can offer this platform in over 120 countries and, moreover, acquire physical gold in 24k bullion.  

The first gold-backed cryptocurrency and a complete ecosystem banking

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