Planet Earth is You

The following video was created to raise your awareness on the conservation of our planet. But sometimes we simply see, share, or just talk about these kind of videos on social networks, but a few actually take action to help others. Why do the majority of people feel they cannot help? Because most do not have … Continue reading Planet Earth is You

Private Issue Global Gold Currency Revealed

Why wait for governments when the Free Market can fix the currency crisis itself? Dan Girolmo, a Karatbars Gold Director Elite joins Gary Franchi to roll out the worlds first private issue international Gold Currency.   Fiat money is, of course, “fake” money. It is printed on paper, and secured by no real collateral. Commodity … Continue reading Private Issue Global Gold Currency Revealed

Karatbars & World Cup Brazil 2014

Karatbars International celebrates with this limited edition of the World Cup Brazil 2014. 1 Gram of 24k pure gold    I personally provide global business strategies for small businesses, creating a new customer acquisition system, increasing loyalty borrower and cash flow. Contact me HERE and I’ll email you on how you can increase your customers in … Continue reading Karatbars & World Cup Brazil 2014