Strategy Consultant



I can provide business strategies and overall consulting in different industries.  My expertise is on the small business side, incorporate business entity, corporate credits, marketing, social networks’ images and traffic, sales planning, financial roles and bring marketing strategy to capitalize your business and bring passive income to your business.

I can create an exclusive Business Reward Program for your loyal and VIPs customers, programs that I already implementing through my Business Platform, customer like a world recognize european soccer team, The Real Madrid , MotoGP, Hollywood directors, actors and many small business.

Real Estate Investment

3d rendering luxury villa bedroom near beach and palm tree with beautiful morning scene from window

I’ll be your strategy consultant who helps you [the investor] with your real estate investments planning. As a Real Estate investment consultant, unlike a RE broker or sales agent, I’ll do more in-depth work on formulating your investment strategies, helping you [my client] fulfill your needs and goals.

Real estate has long been recognized as a valuable addition to the traditional stock and bond portfolio model. Yet most investors struggle to efficiently access the asset class, where finding quality investment opportunities requires relationships and local expertise. That’s where I come in.

The idea behind my expertise as a strategy consultant is that I’ll be a part of my client’s Real Estate Investments strategy for a long period of time or just flip your properties in a short period of time.

My job as a Asset Manager is to actively monitor your Real Estate investments and continue to work with the investors as goals change over time. With my 20 years of experience as a Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Profffesional, I have a complete knowledge on finding Private Money Investors, Contarctors financing and Down Payment Assitant. I utilize my expertise, network, and technology to filter through the noise. I bring rigorous analysis based on proprietary data, a network spanning 100+ local operating partners, and an investment team with over $5 billion in transaction experience. All to provide you with high-quality investment opportunities in Real Estate

Investment Opportunity


If you interested to buy your first real estate investment, I have access to Bank Owned, Probate, Tax Liens,Trustee Sales (Court Auction cash only), and even Vacant Properties on any Estate and any County.

My roll will be your Strategy Consultant and find the best piece of Real Estate Investment for you. If you need subcontractor, repair and resell your Real Estate, I have the best price on the market. Even if you need finance to buy your first Investment, I have motivated private investors and banks who want to help you in your entrepreneur include Contractors Financing

Gold Exchange (Asset Protection Program)


After or even to start be wealthy, this is the best and simple strategy to protect your money against the inflation and devaluation of the currencies. I offer you the best access to the precious metal and the opportunity to form a passive income in a short period of time with a simple strategy.

Protecting your money against the devaluation is the key to maintain your purchase power for the years to come.


As your Business Adviser, I can put my 20 years of experience in the financial world to serve and help you start  or grow your business, protect your earnings with tangible assets, and even help you to enter into real estate investments.

More about my experience in the field click HERE

I can build the best business structure, find a best deal of Real Estate Investment and saving strategy for you, your business, and your family.

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