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Gold Insider

As global economic uncertainty continues to grow, investors will start to look for safe places to invest for both protection and profit. The U.S. dollar can only get so strong before the effects of money creation take hold and lead to inflation. Gold has become the only safe place to park cash and is set to rebound from the drop it suffered in 2018.

Right now, all indicators are pointing to a renewed bull run in the spot price of gold in 2019, with experts predicting increased investments in the metal across the board.

“Long-term, the case (for gold) looks solid,” says Alan Miller, the chief information officer of investment management firm SCM Direct.

Central banks and leading hedge funds have stepped up their gold purchases.

The World Gold Council predicts that even “pension funds could start buying gold” as a portfolio diversifier.

If you’re an investor looking to buy gold in 2019, it’s crucial that you check out our exclusive metals forecast report, “Gold Outlook 2019: How to Profit From Last Year’s Slide,” before investing.

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