Private Issue Global Gold Currency Revealed

Why wait for governments when the Free Market can fix the currency crisis itself? Dan Girolmo, a Karatbars Gold Director Elite joins Gary Franchi to roll out the worlds first private issue international Gold Currency.


Fiat money is, of course, “fake” money. It is printed on paper, and secured by no real collateral. Commodity money is the opposite. It is still printed on paper, but is usually secured by collateral of some kind (usually gold ie: the gold standard).

Most fiat money is actually secured by the issuing government’s ability to keep its currency stable. This is how America operates it’s currency. It keeps its value based solely on the American government’s ability to not screw it up. It allows for much easier manipulation of the currency, but can be risky during economic turmoil (like right now).  [Commodity Money vs. Fiat Money]

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credit money vs commodity money

commodity moneyMost people believe that interest is natural to money. However, the way in which money is created determines whether interest is applicable or not.

Two forms of money creation have dominated over the last 5000 years — creating money out of credit and creating money out of gold or silver – with humanity going back and forth between centuries-long domination of credit money and centuries-long domination of gold and silver-backed money.

Credit money is newly created on the back of borrowers’ creditworthiness. It is debt obligations enforced by civil law and backed by provisions for bad debt. Since credit money is legal agreements that require only paper and inexpensive credit risk insurance to create, credit money doesn’t have to be borrowed from anyone and therefore doesn’t attract interest – credit money is interest-free.

On the other hand, gold-backed money cannot be created as required by the demands of trade – the supply of gold-backed money is limited to the amount of gold in the world. Therefore there’s not enough for everyone to trade their goods and services with. Those that are short of gold-backed money have to borrow it from the few that hold the world’s gold-backed money and pay them interest for doing so. Gold-backed money bears interest.

The amount of credit money created matches what borrowers can afford and hence matches the amount of goods and services traded in the economy. Credit money is also backed by provisions for bad debt. Therefore the creation of credit money does not contribute to inflation. The gold supply, on the other hand, has no relation to the amount of goods and services traded in the economy. Gold-backed money is therefore inflationary and deflationary.

Many centuries ago, when taxes became payable in gold and interest-free credit money was outlawed, we were forced to abandon interest-free credit money and use interest-bearing gold-backed money instead. Those that were short of money now had to borrow it at interest from the few that held the gold supply instead of creating it interest-free and inflation-free. Once the generations forgot that we were forced to start using a form of money that continually and unreasonably Transfers Wealth, through the mechanism of interest, from the vast majority to a wealthy minority, we accepted interest as being natural to money and believed interest-bearing money to be the only option.

Although banks haven’t used gold-backed money since the 1930’s and only use credit money, we still pay interest on credit money even though it’s mathematically illogical. The seeming complexity of our banking system — called the fractional reserve banking system – obscures the fact that banks do not effectively lend out deposit holders’ money but issue borrowers with newly-created credit money. 500 years of gold-backed money has apparently conditioned society to believe that interest-bearing money is the only option and that interest is due on the money lent out by banks.

Banks are not in the business of lending out deposit holders’ deposits, as society purports them to be, but are actually credit clearing houses that clear our credit money of credit risk. In exchange for this service banks should only receive a credit risk insurance premium and an administration fee but on top of this banks charge interest to pay over to deposit holders.

Luckily it’s again legal for people to create their own credit money systems. As long as we pay our taxes in our interest-bearing official currencies. The only significant interest-free credit money system in place in the world today is one in Switzerland which is used by 25% of all Swiss businesses. No wonder Switzerland has had one of the most stable economies in the world since a group of Swiss businesses created this interest-free credit money system in the 1930’s to help themselves out of the Great Depression. 

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Still don’t believe that banks don’t lend out deposit holders’ savings but issue borrowers with debt obligations / IOU’s / credit money? Read the surprising reports issued by the Bank of England during the 1st quarter of 2014: 

Gold Fix Study Shows Signs of Decade of Bank Manipulation


If you still believe that the gold is only for investments, maybe this article will change your mind: 

Gold Fix Study Shows Signs of Decade of Bank Manipulation

The London gold fix, the benchmark used by miners, jewelers and central banks to value the metal, may have been manipulated for a decade by the banks setting it, researchers say.

Before reading this article let’s review a few questions:

This news about gold manipulation price, does it really matter? Is it even relevant to you as you go about your busy schedule?

First, we need to understand that the gold investment is not for the majorities of population. People often confuse the terminology between “Investment” & “Protect” in finances. But in this article you will see that if you are an investor or not, you will be thinking that it is important to review these questions: May be you do not have access to buy gold, for many reasons such as where to get it, pricing, quantity, etc; but, are you questioning, why your money isn’t working for you? Or why your purchase power is less and less every single day?

Too many people believe that it is not a good time to buy gold, because the price is unstable. In this article, these prices are manipulated for the advantage of the biggest banks. So, what are you doing to protect your fiat money ($/€)? With more paper money? Work harder? What happens when the market finally notices that the world currency (Dollar) does not have value? What will happen with the value of your paper money, your earnings, and your savings?  The gold investment industry is just for qualified investors. The 90% of the population need to protect their money that they have already earned.

Bloomberg: Another Gold Price Fixing scandal bomb was dropped today:

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