Asset Protection Trusts and Planing

Asset protection is a set of legal strategies and tools used to protect assets from lawsuits and claims from creditors. For example, foreign asset protection trusts are the most powerful tools that protect wealth from lawsuits. This is because your local court does not have jurisdiction over your foreign trustee or law firm.

Allow me a brief explanation of the process.

First, I make it clear. I am not a lawyer. I am an Asset Manager, your Strategic Advisor in Real Estate Investments. My job (service) is for you to increase your real estate assets and your profits,
I will ask you three questions,

  1. How you can add $500k + extras this 2021 in Real Estate Investment
  2. What will you do to protect that real estate investment?
  3. What will you do with those capital gains?

My job is to guide you through rebuilding all these loose ends on your path to financial freedom so that you can maintain and secure your wealth in conjunction with the conglomerate Estate Investments Group

Buying, selling, and repairing houses seems like a simple job. Ask yourself, why aren’t there many agents or professionals in this multi-million dollar business? Why do so many REIs lose money in financial leakage on their projects?

Let me continue. A professional advisor will review your assets, risks, and financial goals. The planning process generally includes creating structures, such as trusts and companies, to create legal barriers between creditors and you, as a debtor. The strategies often use a combination of estate and business planning tools A properly established plan performs three main functions: lawsuit deterrence, leverage in negotiating deals, and/or placing your assets out of reach of a legal opponent. Ideally, it involves planning asset protection of a lawsuit or cause of action. However, if you haven’t already, you can implement it at almost any time.

Every situation is different, so I recommend that you speak with an experienced professional in this area. My team can help you understand the details or better consult with your asset protection attorney.

My team can advise you on how to get started in the real estate business correctly, without those capital leaks that so many professionals in the industry have.

My job is to help you increase your real estate investment earnings.

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Vacant Land

Estate Investments Group

If you are a developer, or partner with a developer, buying vacant land is essential to building new properties to increase monthly income. Buying vacant land in an up-and-coming area can be a lucrative investment for developers. As the area grows, the land becomes more valuable, and any building built on the property will also increase its value.

Buying raw or vacant land offers a multitude of options for investors and developers. When purchased at the right time, in the right area, raw land can have a high return on investment. That’s because land is a limited resource – one that developers need if they want to expand their businesses.

In addition, land is often a more affordable investment than traditional real estate properties. The maintenance costs are significantly lower than with traditional real estate, meaning all you have to do is purchase the land, hold the land, and sell it for a profit to a developer when the time comes. This hands-off approach is one of the main benefits of investing in vacant land. 

However, there are some considerations that improve your chances of gaining a significant return on investment when purchasing commercial land

Learn More Click Here Advice for Investing in Commercial Land

Apartment Building’s Value

Estate Investments Group

How to know an Apartment Building’s Value

Properly underwriting an apartment building’s value is critical to finding and making great deals.

Generally, a bank will use three different ways to assess an apartment buildings’ value.

  • The sales approach
  • The replacement approach
  • The income approach

The sales approach looks at other comparable properties and what they have recently sold in the area. These comps are similar to residential real estate comps.

The replacement approach looks at how much it would cost to create the building, or buildings, from scratch, given construction materials, labor costs, etc.

And the income approach looks at the profitability of the asset based on income and expenses.

However, the income approach has a very heavyweight in the value assessment because, after all, the bank is investing in a business, not just a property.

When it comes to assessing an apartment building’s value using the income approach, there are a few key terms to know, like ROI, Cap Rate, and NOI. But NOI or Net Operating Income is by far the most important.

This article will look at this key ratio — the foundation for determining an apartment building’s value and price tag.

Knowing how to make sense of NOI is fundamental to your profitable real estate investing enterprise.

You can calculate the capitalization rate (Cap Rate) for your specific property by dividing the NOI by the price you paid for your property. But there is another, different cap rate you will use to calculate the market value. That cap rate is determined by what other similar properties have sold for in your area. Your area will have a “market cap rate.” The market cap rate depends on neighborhood economic situations and market sales.

So, to get the value of an apartment building, you must first determine the NOI or net operating income.

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Financial Education

“It’s ‘Only a Matter of Time’ Before Gold Hits a Record.” Citigroup

The gold market are set to see prices take out the record set in 2011, according to Citigroup.⠀

The metal is benefiting from loose monetary policy, low real yields, record inflows into exchange-traded funds and increased asset allocation, the bank’s analysts including Ed Morse wrote in a report. Gold is expected to climb to an all-time high in the next six-to-nine months, and there’s a 30% probability it’ll top $2,000 an ounce in the next three-to-five months.⠀

“Nominal gold prices have already posted fresh records in every other G-10 and major emerging market currency this year,” the analysts said. “It is only a matter of time for fresh” highs in U.S. dollars, they said, adding that demand for a store of wealth should also lift silver, which touched a three-year high in New York on Monday.

Gold Standard Bank Stuttgart, Germany

Citigroup is among a long line of market watchers in predicting bullion will either test or top its long-standing record as the resurgence of coronavirus cases in several parts of the world point to a prolonged and uneven global economic recovery. Spot gold has surged 19% this year to the highest since 2011 as the pandemic drove investors to havens, while easier monetary policy and other measures to shore up economies also supported demand.

Spot bullion prices were little changed on Monday, trading at $1,811.04 an ounce at 11:18 a.m. in London. Spot silver gained 0.6%, while most-active Comex futures climbed as high as $19.875 an ounce, the highest since September 2016. Buy Gold

Gold Breaks $1800

The gold price broke the psychological barrier of $1,800/ounce today July 08, 2020. The futures price had been playing at or above $1800 for over a week, but spot gold just now broke through.

You have to go all the way back to September 2011 to see gold priced this high. Gold came close to $1800 a few times in 2012, but prices above this level now put it near 9-year highs. At $1800, gold is now up 18% on the year.

Silver continues to lag, up about 1% on the year, highlighting the catchup that could be breathtaking when it finally happens.

Meanwhile, the S&P 500 remains underwater in 2020.

While gold leads most investment classes this year, all the catalysts that have propelled it higher remain in place–currency printing, negative real rates, debt and deficit spending, geopolitical conflicts, and the second wave of Covid-19.

This and more leaves us convinced gold is potentially headed much higher before this is over, even if we see a pullback.

I encourage you to make sure you have the number of gold ounces you want. BUY GOLD NOW

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