Patrick Iturra

Alternative assets will be paramount, but not all alternatives are created equal. Discovering the best opportunities for growth and renewal will be crucial. Additionally, asset management companies and real estate brokers must go beyond performance and provide the best customer experience and asset management services.

I am an asset manager at Estate Investments Group. Asset management, project, and consulting conglomerate for real estate investment professionals and early investors.

My team of professionals and strategic partners have a high level of knowledge of current market conditions to understand the competitive position of each asset in your portfolio from a lease, sale, or investment perspective.

My experience of more than 20 years as a Real Estate professional in the Finance area as a Mortgage Broker; translates for you, in the increase of your income, commercial expansion, and the profitability of your company, through the creation of strategic alliances and the making business decisions in a constantly changing market.

I have all the resources to finance your Business project, Real Estate, Fix & Flip, New Construction, or Multi-family buildings.

My job is to guide you in searching for new opportunities and creating cash flows directed towards your business through new business alliances using the latest in Blockchain and Web3 technology.

My group is an experienced team of real estate and lending professionals.

I have exclusive access to Off-Market Properties under contract, Trust Deed Sales, and REO (Real Estate Own). I also have private investors with more than 85 million dollars to invest in your deal.
I have the piece of Real Estate that you are looking for.
“We do not sell houses; we grow your assets.” 
– Patrick Iturra.

“Business development is the ideas, initiatives, and activities that help improve a business.” – Patrick Iturra.


2011 – 2017:

As Business Adviser, part of an international business platform group in Stuttgart, Germany, provides tangible assets, business strategy, and passive income for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 


I was part of an Investment Group as a Director in Real Estate investment advisory. I offered investment products and business strategies, primarily through private investment funds, across all major asset classes to a diverse group of institutions and individuals in the US.


As a business owner in the Real Estate Mortgage industry, as a President & CEO, my organization was successfully reaching a bank correspondence with the privilege to have a mortgage credit line to lend money to homeowners.

Business Advisory Group, International Board of Directors, Corporate Headquarters, Stuttgart, Germany. 2011-2016

I have 20 years of experience in the financial market and as a business owner in the USA. Now I have the experience of sourcing extraordinary business partners, corporate advisors, experienced professional teams, and contractors available to guide you to be successful in your business.

I speak Spanish fluently. If you are interested in introducing systematized assets and financial business, contact me Here, I can personally talk to you, and my business organization can provide all you need.

I recognize that forming a Passive Income is the most reliable business strategy and vehicle for an excellent employee or entrepreneur to undertake through my business experience.


Eres un profesional en tu carrera y vives en Estados Unidos, o fuera. 

Tenemos la solución para que hagas dinero con los bienes raíces.