Patrick Iturra

I am an Asset Manager at Estate Investments Group. Asset management, project, and consulting conglomerate for real estate investment professionals and early investors.

Our team of professionals and strategic partners have a high level of knowledge of current market conditions to understand the competitive position of each asset in your portfolio from a lease, sale, or investment perspective.

As an asset manager, I ensure that my investor reporting process (business plans and other monthly/quarterly reports) is timely and efficient. I perform market research, data analysis, and income forecasting regarding your portfolio property.

My experience of more than 24 years as a professional in Real Estate translates into increasing revenues, business expansion, and profitability of your company by creating strategic alliances and making business decisions in a constantly changing market. 

I have all the resources to finance your Fix & Flip project, New Construction, and multi-family buildings. 

My group is an experienced team of real estate and lending professionals.

I have exclusive access to Off-Market Properties under contract, Trust Deed Sales, and REO (Real Estate Own). I also have private investors with more than 85 million dollars to invest in your deal.
I have the piece of Real Estate that you are looking for.
“We do not sell houses; we grow your assets.” 
– Patrick Iturra.

“Business development is the ideas, initiatives, and activities that help improve a business.” – Patrick Iturra.


2011 – 2017:

As Business Adviser, part of an international business platform group in Stuttgart, Germany, provides tangible assets, business strategy, and passive income for small businesses and entrepreneurs. 


I was part of an Investment Group as a Director in Real Estate investment advisory. I offered investment products and business strategies, primarily through private investment funds, across all major asset classes to a diverse group of institutions and individuals in the US.


As a business owner in the Real Estate Mortgage industry, as a President & CEO, my organization was successfully reaching a bank correspondence with the privilege to have a mortgage credit line to lend money to homeowners.

Business Advisory Group, International Board of Directors, Corporate Headquarters, Stuttgart, Germany. 2011-2016

I have 20 years of experience in the financial market and as a business owner in the USA. Now I have the experience of sourcing extraordinary business partners, corporate advisors, experienced professional teams, and contractors available to guide you to be successful in your business.

I speak Spanish fluently. If you are interested in introducing systematized assets and financial business, contact me Here, I can personally talk to you, and my business organization can provide all you need.

I recognize that forming a Passive Income is the most reliable business strategy and vehicle for an excellent employee or entrepreneur to undertake through my business experience.


Eres un profesional en tu carrera y vives en Estados Unidos, o fuera. Tenemos la solución para que hagas dinero con los bienes raíces.