Project Management

Project Management

As Project Management, my job is to monitor your Real Estate investments actively and continue working with investors as goals change over time. Rehab overview, contractors, field operations, quality control, and marketing sale strategy. 

As Asset Manager for the firm Estate Investments Group, a conglomerate dedicated to consulting, project, and asset management, both for professionals in the field and those who start in Real Estate investments.

My role requires knowing current market conditions to understand each asset’s competitive position in your portfolio from leasing, sale, or investment perspective.
I make sure the reporting process (business plans and other monthly/quarterly reports) is timely and efficient.

As a Real Estate Asset Manager, I develop business plans to maximize each asset/property value in my client’s portfolios. 

In the event of a property decline or real estate assets, I work with a specialized team to assess the market, consider the property’s physical condition, and outline the property’s strategy to reposition the property correctly.

I conduct market research, data analysis, and income forecasting regarding your portfolio ownership. Continuously monitor the property’s competitive position, propose corrective actions when a property is perceived to decline, and justify any decision made clearly and concisely.

My team and I prepare regular updates on the performance of your assets and financial reports for investors and owners. We manage the reporting process (business plans and monthly/quarterly reports) efficiently and timely.

Project Management
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