Aerial Insurance Assessments: Reshaping Property Evaluations

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Navigating New Insurance Trends

Recently, the insurance sector has seen a sharp increase in using aerial photos to evaluate properties. Cindy Picos experienced this firsthand when her insurer unexpectedly dropped her. Based on aerial photos, which she was never allowed to see, they claimed her roof was no longer adequate. This situation underscores a significant shift toward more tech-driven risk assessments within the insurance field.

The Emergence of Aerial Inspections

Nowadays, companies often use drones and planes to take pictures of properties without owners’ knowledge. Although this method is less intrusive than traditional inspections, it has sparked considerable debate. Concerns arise regarding the fairness and accuracy of these aerial images. Incorrect or outdated images can lead to unjust insurance policy cancellations, highlighting the need for improved accuracy in these assessments.

Balancing Risk and Innovation

Furthermore, the trend toward minimizing risk through technology presents a complex landscape for Asset Managers. On one hand, it offers the potential for more accurate risk assessment. On the other hand, it risks disadvantaging property owners when the technology fails to provide an up-to-date or correct analysis. Consequently, there is a growing demand for greater transparency and accuracy in how these aerial images are used in insurance evaluations.

Strengthening Consumer Protections

Moreover, the shift toward more extensive use of surveillance technologies in insurance has raised alarms about consumer rights. Many homeowners cannot challenge decisions based on possibly inaccurate aerial photos. Additionally, there are broader concerns about privacy and the ethics of such surveillance. Hence, there is a critical need for mechanisms that allow homeowners to contest inaccurate or misleading information used in insurance decisions.

Moving Forward Together

In response, it becomes imperative for asset managers and insurance companies to dialogue about developing policies that balance technological advancements with homeowners’ rights and protections. Creating transparent, accurate, and fair practices for using aerial data for insurance purposes is essential. This approach ensures the integrity of the insurance process and maintains trust among all parties involved in this new tech-driven era.

By fostering open communication and implementing fair practices, the insurance industry can navigate the challenges of new technologies while protecting insurers’ and property owners’ interests.


Patrick Iturra

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