Gold falls further as dollar strengthens: More reason to buy

Gold prices have softened today, potentially offering a buying opportunity.


Gold dropped below $1300 for the first time this year on news that The World Bank believes gold have seen their best days for 2018.
Meanwhile, stocks are bouncing off record all-time highs for the Dow and S&P, with high investor optimism.

And the US Dollar is strengthening, with yields on the 10-year bond rising above 3% for the first time in a while.
If you think stock and bond markets are reaching into ‘irrational exuberance’ territory once again, then now could be an excellent buying opportunity. Buy Gold Today            Ask for more information HERE

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Apple and Goldman Sachs are joining forces on a new credit card

Apple and Goldman Sachs are joining forces on a new credit card to be launched next year, reports The Wall Street Journal. Goldman’s first credit card offering, which will carry the Apple Pay brand, could help speed adoption of Apple’s payments system as tech giants boost efforts in banking and finance. The deal also gives Goldman a new way into consumer banking amid a slowdown in its securities trading business.

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Harald Seiz, CEO and Founder of Karatbars International was appointed Senator by the German Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA).

The goal of Harald Seiz is to develop innovations on the subject of monetary policy, hand in hand with the domestic and foreign policies.

“I am convinced that we can make a difference” Harald Seiz says, “because a debt-free currency is within our reach, but we can only bring change if we take joint action.” Learn More, The Greatest Wealth Transfer

Karatbars International is already working on it; 24k Gold is the oldest currency in the world. “We want to set an example and show the world that it is possible to introduce debt-free means of payment.  Click Free Registration

With the help of politics and the general public we have a huge opportunity to provide a better life to people worldwide. ”

Conducted by Anja Schäfer-Oettinger

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Dow Plunges Over 1,100 Points

Is the beginning of another crash?

The drop in stocks yesterday was a stark reminder of just how high markets have been running lately—and how fast they can unravel. When the selling starts, momentum builds and usually no asset is spared.

During the last market crash in 2008, gold took a temporary setback before rising 4x the amount the stock market fell, repeating a historical pattern of outperforming in down markets.

Is the beginning of another crash? Only time will tell. But if you’ve been waiting to add Gold to your holdings, now may a be good time.

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4 top investors are betting big on gold

The price of gold is down 40% from all-time highs in 2011, but big hedge fund names are betting the worst is over.

Stanley Druckenmiller’s Duquesne fund was the latest one to dive in, investing close to 25% of its U.S. equity portfolio in gold-related stocks as of August 14, 2015. See the gold holdings of other top managers:


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