Importance of a Professional Advisor: Here’s Why you should hire one today!

Professional Advisor


Patrick Iturra Report, EIG Asset Manager

One of the most common things people ignore is hiring a professional advisor to guide them with their investments. People often think they will take the DIY route, as paying a professional investment advisor is not worth it! 

Also, while I am writing this blog, there’s a story behind it: something happened that made me realize how often people take their investments casually. I mean, most people work hard to earn money, but do not make their money work hard for them! 

That’s age-old advice, but yet many people ignore it! Something similar happened recently: 

A few days ago, a person told me that he was refinancing his property. Check with his loan officer and his escrow agent. They both suggested a solution, which meant $65,000 in tax payments. The transaction was satisfactory, according to these professionals. Still, if this investor had consulted an advisor, he would have paid much less or no tax.

For this reason, it is imperative before proceeding with the purchase of an asset, be it Real Estate (which is where my experience is) or you bought Cryptocurrencies a year ago. At this time, you would have an excellent fortune. Remember that when selling and transferring, you must inform your local government. Don’t make the mistake of hiding from your responsibility to pay taxes. Just remember that there are legal ways to pay minimum taxes.

This incident made me realize that people often choose to ignore the fact that they should hire financial advisors for this task. This motivated me to dedicate an entire blog for this, and here I will mention the top 4 reasons you should hire a professional financial advisor today! 

4 Reasons why should hire a professional financial advisor today 

Full attention & review of your investments: 

When you hire a professional advisor, they put in a lot of effort to keep your investments on track. With years of experience, they always look forward to providing you with the best value for your money. You can truly leverage their financial intelligence towards investing and contacts to get the best returns. This is critical because there might be times when you have doubts about having complete control over your investments. Here a financial advisor will help you to channelize the funds right away to generate expected returns. Also, professional advisors stay updated with all the latest market trends, and they will guide you to put your money in suitable investments to build wealth for you & your future generations.  

Reduce Stress & Save time

One of the most common things among newbie investors is that they get stressed while investing. It takes a lot of time to choose a particular investment to build as an asset for the long term. Also, selecting a suitable investment takes a lot of time. When you have a professional advisor, he/she will save your time. It’s like having a helping hand, where you spend time & enjoy with your family. The professional advisor handles all your stress. 

Plan as per goals

Every investment must have a goal. It may be your retirement or your daughter’s college, or anything else. Once you hire a professional advisor, you mention your goals to the advisor. From that point, your professional advisor takes care of your goals. All investments have their ups and downs. Therefore, an advisor keeps your assets on track to reach your goals. 

Specialized investing 

Suppose you are an investor who is interested in specialized investing. For example, some investors are only interested in real estate as an investment. To do this progressively, you can hire a real estate investment advisor to care for your assets. An experienced real estate advisor looks into the real estate market to make sure that they buy the properties that yield the maximum benefit in the future. Hiring a top investment advisor allows you to plan & execute the plan as per your goals. 

A dedicated financial advisor uses their experience to make the right decision. You can ask questions and learn from their choices. Also, during the whole process, you know a lot! Therefore, you become independent & acquire better management skills to manage your finances & investments.

I am here to help you! 

This was my blog for all those who are looking to take the DIY route. Investing is a marathon, not a sprint! You need to manage risk & continue with consistency to make regular investments. 

It is recommended that you go on this route on your own! With more than 25 years of experience as a strategic investment and financial advisor, I will have helped a lot of investors to plan & execute their investments to reach their goals.  

I can do it for you as well! I am here to help; if you have any inquiries, please contact me here! 


Patrick Iturra, 

EIG Asset Manager, I monitor my investors’ property performance and maximize their real estate income. My job involves leading your real estate investment company’s construction, operations, and leasing teams to ensure optimal value for each asset.  FALLOW

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