Elevate Your Real Estate Portfolio with EIG Membership & VIP ELITE

Location: Los Angeles, California

Welcome to the Estate Investment Group (EIG). As a leading force in the industry, we constantly redefine real estate investing.

Benefits of EIG Membership:

  • Premier Access to Real Estate:

    • Furthermore, exclusive opportunities await in the USA.
    • Members exclusively access off-market properties, foreclosures, tax liens, auctions, and high-potential Fix & Flip contracts.
  • Project Management:

    1. If you are already a seasoned professional in real estate investing, let us enhance your investment returns. Consequently, leave the complex management of your real estate or rehabilitation projects to us, allowing you more time to focus on business growth and new ventures.

Additionally, our members receive top-tier services such as

  • Project Management
  • Investor Portal
  • Interior Design
  • Virtual Tours
  • Architects
  • Staging Service 
  • Marketing [Video & Virtual Tour with Google Map Business Mapping, Profesional Photos]
  • Professional, Multilingual, A & B Licensed Contractors

Our expertise includes remodeling and high-end construction, Marketing, and Sales.

Financing Options:

  • Lack of capital should never be an excuse that prevents you from achieving your real estate goals.

    • Our  Members will always find a way to fund a deal, from private money to hard money and crowdfunding.
    • Members benefit from up to 100% private financing, which includes repair costs.
    • New Construction Funds.
  • VIP Members Club:

    • Subsequently, join a network of forward-thinking investors.
    • Moreover, you receive a Personalized Black Stainless Steel Card, symbolizing your elite status.
    • Also, enjoy over 500 standard and exclusive ELITE benefits.
    • Travel Benefits include elite travel status, priority check-in, exclusive discounts, unique global travel experiences, and preferred rates at prestigious hotels worldwide.
    • Furthermore, gain exclusive access and offers from our global luxury hotel partners.
  • VIP ELITE Concierge Service:

    • Whether dining, gifting, or travel planning, our concierge service is ready to assist.
  • Preferential Prices for Events:

    • Additionally, enjoy exclusive discounts on live events and significant sporting occasions.
  • Premier Business Solutions through VIP Club Association:

    • Enjoy substantial savings on computing, shipping, wireless services, and shared workspaces.

Membership Signup:

  • Please fill out our custom form to align opportunities with your investment objectives.


  • Finally, you invest in a revolutionary investment paradigm by joining the EIG-Member Club and VIP Investor Circle. Therefore, embrace this exciting change and enter an exclusive world where ambition meets success.

Welcome to the future of real estate investing.

Patrick Iturra, Asset Manager