Metaverse Will Help to Bring More Equity to Workplaces


Patrick Iturra, August 17, 2022

Since Mark Zuckerberg announced Metaverse, it has been in the news worldwide. 

I am sure that if you have been active on the internet, you must have heard about Metaverse. If you have not heard about it, then let me tell you that this is a virtual reality space where people can live in the virtual world. They can interact, meet, greet, buy assets and do almost everything they can in the natural environment. 

The following article is also dedicated to the Metaverse. I will talk about how Metaverse will bring all the workers together in one space. 

The company has been quite vocal in the media in saying that Metaverse is not just about putting a VR headset on. It is more than that; it is created to establish a sense of the natural environment and help people to connect with others the same as we do in the real world. 

Meta’s collaborative software, Workplace, was developed to counter competitor softwarSlackck in 2016. Also, Reality Labs is at the center of Metaverse’s VR and hardware development. 

Again let me explain that the Metaverse is nothing but a collection of digital spaces that allows people to feel natural and establish a connection just like the real world.


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Christine Trodella, Global director of Workplace meta, has been quite vocal that the VR environment will bring workplace equity. It will allow people to experience a sense of presence with VR meetings. 

In his words, Jaime Delanghe said that the chatting tools would make the Workplace more comfortable for the younger workforce. It will also encourage people to get together and cooperate. Such statements are not Slackecause Slack has also made such statements in the past. 

“Meetings in virtual reality will allow the employees to come together. This is going to be a big step towards success in the hybrid workplaces”, As quoted by Trodella. 

Allowing people to choose their avatars is going to promote freedom of expression. Another thing that Trodella focused on is that the Workplace will be one access point to the Metaverse. 

My Take on this! 

In the future, different access points will deliver different experiences, and new companies will enter the VR space. 

As someone active in the business & entrepreneurial space for the past 24+ years, I would say that meta has come a long way. People just thought it would not be a reality when it was announced. Instead, this would be another techy & gimmick idea. But meta has come a long way! It turned the idea into reality. I think that Metaverse has significant potential and will offer a lot! 

I recently realized that celebrities and businesses are doing everything they can to make the most of the Metaverse Opportunity, which JP Morgan calls a 1 Trillion dollar opportunity.

People are interested in buying virtual real estate and consider Metaverse to be the same success as Bitcoin.

Yes, as a strategic investment advisor, I get to meet a lot of experienced investors! These intelligent people are looking to make the best of their investment, and most are optimistic about the Metaverse. 

Therefore, I would also consider Metaverse a success in the future, and it will thrive! 

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