Nationwide Services

Nationwide Services with a California Advantage.

We offer many expedited services & deliver accurate results for all 50 US states.

My business partners supplies detailed information that can save you hours of research. Helpful customer advisors are also available during business hours (PST 8am – 5pm) to answer questions, offer guidance and implement orders.

If you need California documents or services, you can’t do better than my teamwork. Our location in Sacramento, just minutes from the Capitol building, ensures fast turnaround times. 

File Formation and other Business Documents.

Form a Corporation

Incorporate a business in any of the 50 states. Rush service available. Everything you need to launch your business successfully.

Annual Report

File an Annual Report or Statement of Information in multiple states. Expedited service available.

Form an LLC

Form a Limited Liability Company in any state. We submit Articles for filing within 24 hours.


File a Certificate of Amendment or Restated Articles of Incorporation (including a name change) in any state, for any entity type

Form a Partnership

Form a Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Partnership, or General Partnership in any state fast with our expedited services.


Dissolve or cancel any existing entity in any state: a Corporation, LLC or Partnership, for-profit or non-profit.

Form a Non-Profit

File a 501c3 Non-profit Corporation in any state. See our online information for helpful FAQs and guidelines.


Change any legal entity type in any state: LLC to corporation, corporation to LLC, S-Corp to LLP, etc.

Foreign Qualification

File a Corporate Qualification or Foreign Registration. We have detailed instructions online to qualify a foreign entity in any state. An Entity or LLC can be incorporated in any state, however, the company is only authorized to do business in the state in which it is formed. To authorize your company to do business in a state other than where the company was formed, you need to file a Foreign Qualification or Certificate of Authority in each state you intend to do business.

Revive/ Reinstatement

Revive or Reinstate a corporation or LLC (California).