Personalized Real Estate Investments: A Guide to Asset Control

Personalized Real Estate Investments.
Patrick Iturra, Asset/Investment Manager. August 7, 2023


Taking Control of Real Estate Investments

The ongoing situation with Blackstone‘s $68 billion real estate fund underscores the urgent need for individuals to embark on personalized real estate investments. As large-scale funds like Blackstone’s Real Estate Income Trust (Breit) face liquidity crises, it becomes clear that customized property investments offer numerous benefits.

Blackstone Restricts Real Estate Income Trust Withdrawals for Consecutive 9th Month: Breit website Tuesday

The Importance of Asset Managers

Asset managers are pivotal in paving the way for successful real estate investments. They assist in establishing the corporation and managing the portfolio, significantly reducing the risk of liquidity issues. Unlike investors in Breit, those who work their investments personally would have direct access to their assets. This flexibility is a massive advantage that personalized investments offer.

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Exploring Profitable Real Estate Sectors

Moving onto the subject of investment sectors, putting money directly into profitable areas like apartments and warehouses presents another advantage of individual investment. In this context, an asset manager can serve as a guide in identifying high-performing assets and steering the investment process. This hands-on approach contrasts starkly with the rigid structure of significant funds that often struggle to divest quickly from specific assets.

Safeguarding Against Redemption Pressures

Investors can build a protective shield against large-scale redemption pressures or potential wholesale asset sales by managing their assets. Compared to investors in funds like Breit, individual investors, with the guidance of an asset manager, can enjoy the benefits of direct control and custom-made strategies.

Better Performance with Personalized Investment Management

Lastly, looking at the performance indicators of Breit, we can glean the potential benefits of individual investment management. Despite showing some cash flow growth, Breit’s return rate has been lower. In contrast, a meticulously managed personal investment strategy, under the watchful eye of an experienced asset manager, can potentially deliver better, more personalized results.

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To sum up, the current predicament of Breit highlights the importance and advantages of making personalized investments in real estate. From creating your corporation to completing the project, a professional asset manager can guide every process step.


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