Professional Ghost Producer and Songwriter

Music Producer


Patrick Iturra Report, 

Professional Ghost Producer and Songwriter [Recomendation]

He can be your professional ghost producer & songwriter for your unique, particular song for any genre of EDM & pop.

He will create a quality monster of a song with you.

Music Producer

“Here’s a snippet about how he goes about some projects.”


Matthew Iturra will take a listen to your idea and create the style you wish by providing a reference track of your liking. Latest Track: “All On My Own

He will use compression, EQ-ing, distortion, saturation, reverb, & delay manipulation while carefully listening and mixing the tracks.
Lastly, if you choose to do so, he will master, re-mix, and double-check everything sounds and meets streaming services’ requirements before sending you the final master.

Feel free to contact him with details regarding your project, and he will be more than happy to assist your needs. Matthew Iturra



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