Economic Crisis 2015 & Great Opportunity

 Economic Crisis 2015 – Peter Schiff & Mike Maloney

Recently Peter Schiff visited Mike Maloney in California. During his stay they filmed nearly 3 hours of discussions about precious metals, freedom, and the economy in general.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing a series of these videos, so make sure you are subscribed as this analysis is not to be missed. In this first installment, Mike and Peter discuss hard evidence that a huge economic crisis awaits us in the not too distant future.

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How Art History Majors Power the U.S. Economy

The Chinese gov’t solution is to cut public subsidies, the free market solution is that only the rich would be indulgent enough to buy their kid an education… Too many ideas on these systems but the bottom line is, so many unemployed college graduates pile up as fast as unsold electric cars.
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Article: How Art History Majors Power the U.S. Economy: Virginia Postrel