Thinking of quitting your job? Check out these three things first!

Thinking of Quitting your Job in 2021? Check out these four things first!)


Patrick Iturra Report, EIG Asset Manager


Too many people are not happy with their jobs. There might be multiple reasons behind this, such as improper work-life balance, low salary, employee dissatisfaction, etc. You might feel burnt out from your job and feel like you should quit and do something better in your life that makes you happy. 

As a report by StaffSquared, more than 85% of Americans hate their jobs with dreams of quitting and becoming free. Although there might be multiple reasons behind this, such as improper work-life balance, low salary, employee dissatisfaction, etc., you might feel burnt out from your job and feel like you should quit and do something better in your life that makes you happy. 

Also, there might be some personal responsibilities that might force you to work, and you work for your salary, that’s it! 

Understanding the “I Quit!” Culture

Millions of Americans want to quit their job and contribute to the ultimate resignation trend. But make sure that you give your due attention to the thought of resignation before you go out and resign from your job! 

To make this simple, I have highlighted the three things that you must do before you say “I quit” or send a resignation email to your employer: 

3 Things to Consider before you Say I Quit

Why do you want to quit your job? 

Ask yourself why you think that quitting your job would be the right thing to do? 

Write down everything you do not like about your job on paper. Do you have a bully boss, or do you want to work on a different profile? 

What’s your motivation behind quitting your job? Are you planning to do something new or creative that will make you happy? 

Answer all these questions on a paper, and you have highlighted all the reasons you want to quit your job. 

Take a deep breath & reconsider 

Once you have highlighted your reasons, take a deep breath and go for a walk. 

Remember: Nobody can judge your situation better than you!

The thought of resignation makes people too overwhelmed and excited, making the wrong decisions feel right! Once you are calm, remind yourself that this situation is temporary, you will get over this! Make sure that you do some quick meditation or talk to a friend about your frustration. 

If your job delivers a negative impact on your mental health in or out of your office, then my friend, it is not worth it! 

Plan your resignation 

This is for those who have made their decision to say, “I quit!”. Again, too many people make the mistake of resigning from their job without a plan. 

For someone who wants to resign, I would say that you should get your finances sought out first! 

Remember, everyone has bills to pay! You should have an emergency fund that lasts up to 1 year for your survival without any salary.  

If you plan to switch to another company or employer, I would say that you start applying for interviews with new companies/employers. 

Before selecting any new company, write down all your expectations from your new job. Make sure that you give interviews to companies with good work culture. This is critical! People ignore this because this is the reason why they are dissatisfied at every job. 

If you want to do something on your own, a small business, or something else, then you must plan as well. I am going to cover this point in detail after this point.

For those who want to be their boss! 

This section is entirely dedicated to people who want to start their own business. Many people have dreams of having their start-up and becoming their boss. No matter how optimistic it may sound! But more than 60% of the start-ups fail in the United States. There are a wide variety of reasons: 

  • Lack of market demand for their product. 
  • Insufficient funds. 
  • Strong competition
  • Improper product pricing. 
  • Hiring the wrong people 

People who want to start their own business

These are some of the most common reasons for start-ups to fail! But not everybody can afford this! Some start-ups survive because they learn from their mistakes quickly. 

When you plan to start up, then it is everything that you have! Over the past 24 years, I have come across a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs with big dreams. 

Having big entrepreneurial dreams is excellent, and it helps! But the business arena is brutal to survive, and you cannot make it if you do not adapt or learn. 

Majority of Start-ups Fail!

Many business owners have innovative ideas, but you have to fit in the profit-making aspect here. If the business is not able to generate surplus revenue, then it won’t survive. That’s the harsh truth! But many do not get it before it’s too late. 

As a strategic advisor, I will look into your business idea and guide you through the entire process of starting up. Over the past 24 years, I have been working as a strategic investment advisor and asset manager for corporations and professionals. 

With my in-hand experience, I will look into your business idea and offer advice to conduct your businesses the right way! 

By the right way, I mean that your personal growth should also be in hand with your business growth. I am quoting this because many business owners put their money in luxuries(liabilities), negatively impacting their net worth. 

Remember: Don’t buy luxuries until you have the assets to pay for them! 

To sum up this article, I would say to give a brief thought before you resign from your job! Consider this blog as my advice for planning your resignation. 

In case if you have a business idea, you can contact me here. 

I will look into your situation and work with you on every step to make your small business venture a big-time success. 


Patrick Iturra, 

EIG Asset Manager, I monitor my investors’ property performance and maximize their real estate income. My job involves leading the construction, operations, and leasing teams of your real estate investment company to ensure optimal value for each asset.  FALLOW


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