Gold The New World Currency

We have to understand that any government does not have control in the market… And remember every time any market crashes like it did in 2008, someone is becoming a millionaire… Take these following historical currency collapses: nothing happened, but millions of people in just a couple of hours, saw their savings disappear.

Mexico 1994: the Mexican peso was devaluated without any forewarning to the public. Also that country suffered the same currency collapse in 1982, same as Chile in the early 1980s, and Finland in 1992. The difference between Mexico’s and Chile’s currency collapse, however, is that Chile used their collapse for their benefit.

1991 Finland: Their government made the surprising decision to change the Finnish markka to Euros, without a prior devaluation… So it doesn’t matter if the actual currencies are in good standard, if a new financial system comes into place the population will suffer. The governments are just trying to fight inflation… Over time in any country the situation becomes unsustainable, but that does not translate into an immediate crisis (like 2008) or a need to take action instantly. On the contrary, it diffuses enough for policy makers to entertain the belief that the strategy “can work”… But what happens with your financial situation when the majority of the population just has debts and liabilities?

Eventually when the big currency collapses, the only asset that you can exchange for the new currency will be gold, so don’t pay attention if gold is going up in price or going down, that information is for the high roller investors. You need to protect your actual FIAT money with a superior currency.

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The New K-Exchange System

Pyramided scheme vs network marketing companies

What is the difference between a multilevel pyramided scheme and a legal network marketing company?
  • I’ve received the same question every week in my meetings… It’s a very simple answer: a multilevel company turns into fraud when, according to the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission) companies like Streamlines; promotes itself as a multi-level marketing program selling dietary supplements and Health-care products… Your earnings in a pyramid scheme are derived primary from recruiting other participants into the program, not from the retail sales of products and services.
  • Many examples of pyramid schemes are in the market, like this other one, SkyBiz,  promoted its company work as home opportunity selling online tutorials, (now closed by FTC), to participate, consumer paid $25.00 registration fee and purchased an “e-commerce Web Pak”, which included two “Web sites” and access to online tutorials, for an additional $100. According to the FTC when consumers sign up to earn a commission check from recruiting, those fees paid by consumers went directly into the pockets of people higher up on the pyramid.  Learn more on Facts:  Pyramid Schemes
  • On the other hand, there are too many good network marketing companies, people don’t receive commission from recruiting people, they actually get products or services.  Learn more on Facts: Legal Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
  • A good network marketing & direct sale company example is Karatbars International GmbH a German Company, that is under an e commerce category, the customers open a savings gold account and they start buying from 1 gram of 24k pure gold, they receive their product (1 gram at a time) without any entry fee, no subscriptions and no purchase obligation, and your product is real Gold, and if the customer wants to participate in earning more for referring other saver accounts, they get paid, so you get paid for saving on a superior currency.
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What Is A Pyramid Scheme?


A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent investing plan that has unfortunately cost many people worldwide their hard-earned savings. The concept behind the pyramid scheme is simple and should be easy to identify; however, it is often presented to potential investors in a disguised or slightly altered form. For this reason, it is important to not only understand how pyramid schemes work, but also to be familiar with the many different shapes and sizes they can take. (Many investors do not understand how to determine the level of risk their individual portfolios should bear.

The Scheme
As its name indicates, the pyramid scheme is structured like a pyramid. It starts with one person – the initial recruiter – who is on top, at the apex of the pyramid. This person recruits a second person, who is required to “invest” $100 which is paid to the initial recruiter. In order to make his or her money back, the new recruit must recruit more people under him or her, each of whom will also have to invest $100. If the recruit gets 10 more people to invest, this person will make $900 with just a $100 investment.

The 10 new people become recruiters and each one is in turn required to enlist an additional 10 people, resulting in a total of 100 more people. Each of those 100 new recruits is also obligated to pay $100 to the person who recruited him or her; recruiters get a profit of all of the money received minus the initial $100 paid to the person who recruited them. The process continues until the base of the pyramid is no longer strong enough to support the upper structure (meaning there are no more recruits).

The Fraud
The problem is that the scheme cannot go on forever because there is a finite number of people who can join the scheme (even if all the people in the world join). People are deceived into believing that by giving money they will make more money (“with an investment of just $100, you will receive $900 in return”). But no wealth has been created; no product has been sold; no investment has been made; and no service has been provided.

The fraud lies in the fact that it is impossible for the cycle to sustain itself, so people will lose their money somewhere down the line. Those who are most vulnerable are those towards the bottom of the pyramid, where it becomes impossible to recruit the number of people required to pay off the previous layer of recruiters. This kind of fraud is illegal in the Unites States and most countries throughout the world. It is estimated that 90% of people who get involved in a pyramid scheme will lose their money. (Lower levels of liquidity in exchange-traded funds make it harder to trade them profitably.

Fraud Disguised
Because people are attracted to the idea of making a quick buck with very little effort, many different forms of disguised pyramid schemes have succeeded in fooling people. Despite the illusion of legality presented by these revamped schemes, they are still illegal. It is thus important to recognize the characteristics of such so-called investment plans.

Many schemes will adopt the guise of gift-giving or loans that take place in “investment club” because none of these activities are technically illegal. However, the practice of donating a gift (tax free up to $10,000 in the U.S.) to someone (the recruiter), then having to recruit people into the club in order to receive a return on your investment (or your gift, rather) is essentially a pyramid scheme in disguise.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
Legal multi-level marketing (MLM) involves being recruited in order to sell a product or service that actually has some inherent value. As a recruit, you can make a profit from the sales of the product or service, so you don’t necessarily have to recruit more salespeople below you. And while you may be encouraged to recruit other salespeople whose sales would give you more profit, you can stick to just selling the product directly to the consumer if you choose.

A pyramid scheme MLM, however, will most likely sell a product with no independent value. The product could take the form of reports of some kind, for example, or mailing lists. In this kind of pyramid scheme, you would be required to recruit new members into the MLM in order to make a profit and keep the MLM alive. Joining the MLM is the only reason anyone would buy the products sold by this pyramid scheme.

Ponzi Schemes
Named after Charles Ponzi, who ran such a plot from 1919-1920, the Ponzi scheme  is a fraudulent investment plan. It is not necessarily a pyramid, which is hierarchical. In a Ponzi scheme, there is one person who takes people’s money as an “investment” and does not necessarily tell them how their returns will be generated. As such, the people’s return on investment could be generated by anything; it could come from money taken from new investors – which means new investors essentially pay off the old investors – or even from money made by gambling in Las Vegas.

Chain Letters
Chain letters can be received electronically or through snail mail and are not illegal on their own. However, they take on the form of a pyramid scheme when the letter asks you to donate a certain amount of money (even just 5 cents) to the people on a list, then delete the name of the first person on the list, add your name, and forward the letter to a certain number of other people. The next people receiving the letter are then asked to do the same thing, so that you can receive your money as well. By forwarding the letter, you are asking people to give money with the promise of making money.

It is easy to see how a pyramid scheme can work, but participating in it (regardless of the form in which it is presented) involves deception and fraud because not everyone will receive the money that is promised in return.

As with any other investment plan you consider entering, it is important to ask the right questions. How will this money be invested? What is the rate of return? Who will be investing it? Talk to professionals and do your research before placing your money anywhere. And always remember that if a plan promises you’ll get rich quick with no risk or doesn’t tell you how your money will be invested, you should raise a red flag and exercise caution before getting on board.

China and 23 countries begin setting up swap lines to bypass dollar

November 18, 2013:  A former head trader for a major financial institution issued a harbinger and stated that 23 countries, and 60% of the world’s GDP, are right now setting up new swap lines which bypass the dollar, SWIFT, and the BIS, and will usher in a new global currency system which will kill the dollar.

The list of the 23 countries which are creating new swap lines outside of the dollar include China, Russia, India, and surprisingly, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. This means that the Eurozone itself is abandoning the dollar, and preparing for transition to a new central banking system. The BRICS bank was created with the intention of bypassing the dollar, and allowing free trade to occur between nations without the need to trade for dollars first, as is currently the format under the petrodollar system. In fact, the new BRICs bank will function both as a bank of international settlement, as well as a lender of last resort, eliminating the need for the BIS and IMF, which currently reside under dollar dominion.

Rotated in the BRICS countries, investigating issues related to the creation of this group. Although not composed of an institutional economic bloc like the EU., BRICS is increasing in it’s global role, and its happening now. 

In simple words what does this mean for us?  An acceleration of the inflation on basic products.  Why do we need gold?  Learn more on:  Gold Back Program 

Mike Maloney: The US Dollar WILL Collapse!

Mike Maloney chats with Cambridge House Live’s Bridgitte Anderson about gold, silver and why he believes the US dollar will collapse.

You need to protect your actual Fiat Money with a superior currency. Simple solution, start buying gold 1 gram at a time.

__Gold has proven to protect purchasing power and is a safe haven protection against inflation and turbulent global economies.
__Gold creates a strong and stable portfolio and is a tangible asset to protect against mind-melting portfolio plunges.
__Gold demand and prices have consistently trended upward for the past 10 years and most financial experts believe this trend will continue.

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Gold Fix Study Shows Signs of Decade of Bank Manipulation


If you still believe that the gold is only for investments, maybe this article will change your mind: 

Gold Fix Study Shows Signs of Decade of Bank Manipulation

The London gold fix, the benchmark used by miners, jewelers and central banks to value the metal, may have been manipulated for a decade by the banks setting it, researchers say.

Before reading this article let’s review a few questions:

This news about gold manipulation price, does it really matter? Is it even relevant to you as you go about your busy schedule?

First, we need to understand that the gold investment is not for the majorities of population. People often confuse the terminology between “Investment” & “Protect” in finances. But in this article you will see that if you are an investor or not, you will be thinking that it is important to review these questions: May be you do not have access to buy gold, for many reasons such as where to get it, pricing, quantity, etc; but, are you questioning, why your money isn’t working for you? Or why your purchase power is less and less every single day?

Too many people believe that it is not a good time to buy gold, because the price is unstable. In this article, these prices are manipulated for the advantage of the biggest banks. So, what are you doing to protect your fiat money ($/€)? With more paper money? Work harder? What happens when the market finally notices that the world currency (Dollar) does not have value? What will happen with the value of your paper money, your earnings, and your savings?  The gold investment industry is just for qualified investors. The 90% of the population need to protect their money that they have already earned.

Bloomberg: Another Gold Price Fixing scandal bomb was dropped today:

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How Art History Majors Power the U.S. Economy

The Chinese gov’t solution is to cut public subsidies, the free market solution is that only the rich would be indulgent enough to buy their kid an education… Too many ideas on these systems but the bottom line is, so many unemployed college graduates pile up as fast as unsold electric cars.
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Article: How Art History Majors Power the U.S. Economy: Virginia Postrel